Tidings for April 14

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Message from Margaret…
I have been in situations lately that have made me wonder about where God is in my life. I often wonder, where is the holiness in everyday life? And I am reminded of something that author Madeleine L’Engle has said: “There is nothing so sacred that it cannot be holy.” I guess what I am learning is that everything that God creates is potentially holy, and our task as humans is to find that holiness in the seeming unholy situations. My question is: can you find the holy in a struggle for life?

I am reminded that everything in our world has God’s fingerprints on it. Our inability to see beauty does not negate the fact that beauty is there. If we seek to find holiness in those things we take for granted, those ordinary things in our lives, those hard things in our lives, and if we concentrate in finding good in the hard situations, then we will discover that our lives will be filled with gratitude .Often when we are despairing, and when we are confronted with situations that we fear will overwhelm us, we need to pray that God will give us the strength to deal with it. And God will.

The important thing, when faced with the difficult, is to care for the soul. We need people in our lives with whom we can be as open as possible. To have real conversations with people may seem obvious, but it involves real risk and real courage. The soul is not just an internal experience. To be able to express our inmost feelings and thoughts without fear or betrayal is one of the great quests of the life of the soul. We must give holy attention to those relationships that allow us to do this. This, too, is taking the ordinary and making it holy.
With practice we can be able to see holiness in areas not associated with holiness. Rabbi Harold Kushner defines the Jewish religion as the science of taking the ordinary and making it holy. “The idea is to find some bit of holiness in everything—food, sex, earning and spending money, …having conversations with friends.” If we believe that everything God creates is potentially holy, then we
have the potential to see the holy in everyday life. When we hear God whisper to

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us, “Why do you limit where I can come to you?”, perhaps we can open ourselves up to hear: “Find me in the ordinary and mundane. Look for me here!” We must find God where we are.

I love you all,

The flowers at the altar are given in celebration of those baptized, confirmed, received and renewed!

Our New Gathering Space
In order to begin making room for our church renovation, and to get a feel for how it might be, some of the pews have been removed to create a gathering space at the rear of the Nave. This gives us a chance to meet and greet those who leave quickly through the Narthex. Often we do not get a chance to greet those visitors. Today we begin a series of displaying art work from some of our parishioners. The first art show will be paintings of Vincent Pisani. You are invited to get your coffee and refreshments and view Vincent’s paintings while visiting and welcoming visitors, and welcoming Bishop Duncan and Kathy in our midst.

Pub Theology
Monday Night, 6 p.m., “The Place” on Harrison
Bring a Bible-no experience necessary!

Thursday, April 18th, is St. Andrew’s turn to cook and serve Supper at Grace (Grace Episcopal Church, Panama City Beach). Each Thursday evening throughout the year dinner is provided at Grace for needy people in the community. St. Andrew’s provides dinner 6 times a year. Teri Floore heads this ministry and funds to support it are provided by the St. Andrew’s Foundation. We need people to make sandwiches, transport food, serve a hot dinner and clean up. If you can help, sign up on bulletin board in Byrne Hall.
Please keep the following in your prayers; Lee, June, Brenda, Scott, Billie Kay, Savanna, Terry, Connie, Jonathan, Lisa, Tina, Jessica, Lora, Peter, Heather, Dee, Jewel, Sarah, Wendy, Keith, Hannah, Jazlea, Ann, Bruce, Judy, Amanda, Danal, Edward, Jarad, Kay, Joe, Jessica, Payton, Mia, Middy, MacKenzie, Emma, Irene, Maureen, Joey, Annette, Jay, Doris, Gail, Mary, Barbara, Travis, David, Dee, Bobbie, Cheryl, Alan, Pat, Maggie, Joan, Chris, Mike, Debbie, Hilary, Ava, Nan, Charlie, Fax, Toni, Jane, Elaine, Bobbi, Bobbie, Janet, David, JD, Rita. Lee Ann, Jean, Ruth Ann, Sandra, Nancy, Ann, Janet, Mike, Judy, Janet, Nancy, Jean, Britany, Mary. Sandra, Andy, Polly

We pray for our men and women in the Armed Forces at home and abroad; Jeff, Bowe, James, Andrew, Kenneth, Evan, Ryan, Joe, Nate, Richard, David, Brian, Jason, Billy, Mike, Joseph, Colin, Todd, Brett

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