Vestry Minutes

Approval of Minutes
The February 2017 minutes were reviewed and a motion was made by Richard Smith to approve as written, seconded by Tania Watts, motion carried.

Senior Warden’s Report
Tom Brewer gave an update on Project Resource and the timelines for the upcoming year. The next phase of Project Resource was to create a case of support for the ministries done at our church. A video provided by Saint Thomas’ in Greenville Alabama was shown to the vestry. It was a great promotional video of the yearly happenings at their parish that was used to create a spirit of commitment and giving. The idea of doing something similar for Saint Andrews was discussed and the vestry felt it was something we could immolate for our campaign too.

Junior Warden’s Report
The choir room now has a new air conditioning unit similar to one placed in the nursery. Quotes had been let for replacement of the roof over the sanctuary and choir room with Anderson Construction selected as the best choice primarily based on the excellent work they did with the renovations and responsiveness. They proposed an aluminum room versus shingles due to the durability and its ability to better withstand hurricane forces. The roofing is .032 gauge thickness and carries a 14 year guarantee. The vestry unanimously voted to proceed with Anderson as soon as possible.

Rector’s Report
Project Resource – See Senior Warden’s report above.

Evangelism Matters – A second potluck luncheon was held and a presentation by The Rev Canon Stephanie Spellers which was followed by a practical exercise on evangelizing.

Money Counters – We have changed the process for counting the monies collected during the weekly offering. The counters will be added to the monthly servers list.

Sharing Faith Dinners – This event will occur on June 1st in unison with the diocese and greater Episcopal Church. Sharing Faith dinners invite people to gather around a meal and participate in life together. At each dinner, a moderator will prompt participants to share stories of their faith journey with printed questions. Sharing Faith provides a welcoming and safe way to engage one another, articulate our faith and build relationships. We are needing people to volunteer to be table host and simply decorate for this event. Anne Staley and Dan Finley are our coordinators for this event.
Spring Shape Up – The church grounds are in need of some basic attention and a proposed spring shape up day needs to be scheduled to make our grounds look neat and tidy. More to come at next vestry.
Office for Molly – It has been proposed to consolidate the computer room and the financial offices for Fran’s needs and convert the computer room into an office for Molly. There are some things that need to be done to refresh the office to be more functional for a new priest. The vestry agrees with this and needs to be completed by mid-June before her arrival.
Van for Discipleship Day – A 15 passenger van has been reserved for transportation to Niceville on March 25th. The will be more convenient and give a chance for everyone to be together for greater fellowship.
Financial Oversight Report – Art Wimpenny gave the financial oversight report on March 26th after church due to his absence at vestry. As of that time the church operating balance reflected a $5,000 deficit which would be rectified by April’s collection of monthly tithes next week. Expenses where trending as usual, nothing alarming with the notable exception being a significant improvement with our electricity bills being substantially lower.
Next Meeting Date – Next Vestry meeting is moved from the third Wednesday of the month to April 26th at 4:45pm due to the Bishop’s clergy conference.

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