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    Message from Margaret: What is worship?

    At all times and in all places people worship God. Our Anglican way is only one of a vast number of ways to worship—but all speak of a human response to something beyond the human. We can learn a great deal about the activity of worship by examining what the word means. The English word worship is a contraction of “worth-ship.” Worship means assigning worth to what is thought to be worthy and giving to it an estimate of value. Worship has to do with value. The earliest use of the English word had to do with nobility, but it became a religious word and has crowded out other meanings.…

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    Tidings for April 14

    Sunday, April 14th, 2013 Message from Margaret… I have been in situations lately that have made me wonder about where God is in my life. I often wonder, where is the holiness in everyday life? And I am reminded of something that author Madeleine L’Engle has said: “There is nothing so sacred that it cannot be holy.” I guess what I am learning is that everything that God creates is potentially holy, and our task as humans is to find that holiness in the seeming unholy situations. My question is: can you find the holy in a struggle for life? I am reminded that everything in our world has God’s…

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    Vestry Minutes

    Approval of Minutes The February 2017 minutes were reviewed and a motion was made by Richard Smith to approve as written, seconded by Tania Watts, motion carried. Senior Warden’s Report Tom Brewer gave an update on Project Resource and the timelines for the upcoming year. The next phase of Project Resource was to create a case of support for the ministries done at our church. A video provided by Saint Thomas’ in Greenville Alabama was shown to the vestry. It was a great promotional video of the yearly happenings at their parish that was used to create a spirit of commitment and giving. The idea of doing something similar for…

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